Disability Support Services

Our range of NDIS services covers a wide spectrum of supports, assisting the disability sector in Far North Queensland in Home Care

Personal Assistance

We will assist you to live independently in your own home or in a SIL or SDA, support staff are matched to meet your needs.

Personal hygiene

Showering and grooming

Moving around your house



Access to Community

Supporting those with a disability to access their community. We understand that each individual has unique interests, abilities, and aspirations, and we work closely with our clients to develop personalized community access plans that align with their goals and preferences.

Attend appointments

Connect socially

Participating in sports

Craft & Art

Sport education


Domestic Assistance

Washing your clothes

Preparation of meals



Hub Activities

Card craft

Music sessions

Workshops on budgeting, public transport, meal planning and wellbeing activities

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Our emphasis is on quality, reliability and advocacy. We strive to deliver services of the highest standard, ensuring safety, comfort, and satisfaction to our clients.

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